Honestly speaking, surely you have tried card counting in the blackjack card game. But have you ever tried counting on online blackjack? Experienced players  know that this is a waste of time, as it is not known how many decks the dealer is using on online blackjack.

The point is that this effort is being made to increase the chances of winning from us as blackjack players. The fact is that the chances of winning in the blackjack card game are quite large for players who understand some of the simple rules of this 21 playing card game.


In blackjack the most important thing is to remember the correct way to hit, split and double the cards which are necessary to win blackjack. You will cut the house edge of this game by 1 percent.

Online blackjack players are recommended to:

Stand when your cards are 12 to 16 and when the dealer has 2 to 6.

Hit when your card total is 12 to 16 and when the dealer has 7 and Ace

Always Split the two aces and the 8

Double against the dealer’s cards with 2 and 10

Hit or do Double on As and 6

Don’t play with insurance

Unless you are counting cards never take this step. Which is very important for the next new bet based on the Airtogel feed to have blackjack or not. Overall, dealers have almost a 6 percent advantage over players on insurance.

And if you have blackjack you will only win the bet again. If the dealer has a blackjack fund you also have this is a push where you do not win or do not lose.

Checking the Dealer’s Open Hole Card

Before taking any other action in blackjack, always check the dealer’s open hole cards. Is it bad, if the dealer has 2 to 6, and good when the dealer has a muddle of 7 to US. What the dealer has makes all the difference to the game of blackjack, and the decisions the player will make.

Don’t Sit in the First Position

Professional players recommend avoiding seats close to the dealer or getting the first card. With you as the player sitting in late position, you will have the time and opportunity to look at your cards and compare them to the dealer’s cards.